Roblox Comes to Meta Quest: An Exciting New Frontier for VR Experiences

Virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts and Roblox fans alike have reason to rejoice as Roblox, one of the largest 3D immersive platforms, is making its way to the Meta Quest headset.

UPDATE  2023/07/28: Roblox for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro is available here

In this blog post, we'll delve into the exciting features and opportunities this collaboration brings, including the forthcoming Open Beta on App Lab, the seamless cross-platform compatibility, and the rich content library awaiting VR enthusiasts.

Expanding the Roblox Universe:

With over 66 million users joining Roblox every day on various platforms, the addition of Meta Quest as a supported device adds another dimension to the Roblox experience. Now, users aged 13 and older can explore the vast Roblox universe in a whole new way through the immersive VR capabilities of the Meta Quest headset.

Simplified VR Development with Roblox:

Traditionally, creating a VR experience required specialized skills and experience. However, with Roblox, developers can easily publish their existing experiences on Meta Quest with little to no additional coding effort. Roblox's universal design ensures that experiences can run seamlessly across multiple platforms, making it easier than ever for developers to bring their creations to VR.

A Thriving Social Platform for VR:

Roblox's cross-platform compatibility allows the Meta Quest community to connect and enjoy experiences with users on Xbox, iOS, Android, and desktop. This integration breaks down barriers and allows friends to explore, communicate, and express themselves together, regardless of their device or platform. The social aspect of Roblox is elevated to a whole new level with VR.

Access to a Vast Content Library:

Roblox boasts an impressive catalog of over 15 million active experiences, ranging from games to worlds and social spaces. With the availability of Roblox on Meta Quest, users gain access to an expanded library of VR content. The possibilities for exploration, entertainment, and discovery are virtually endless.

Open Beta on App Lab:

In the coming weeks, Roblox will be launching an Open Beta on Meta Quest's App Lab. This phase provides developers with an invaluable opportunity to gather feedback from VR users and iterate on their experiences before the full release on the Meta Quest Store. The Open Beta supports Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro devices, paving the way for an optimized and immersive VR experience.

Seamless Integration for Developers:

In preparation for the launch of Roblox on Meta Quest, the platform has introduced a new "VR" device type in the Creator Dashboard and Roblox Studio. This addition empowers developers to control whether their experiences can run untethered on Meta Quest devices. Furthermore, Roblox has automatically updated the access settings for experiences that use default player scripts, ensuring that these experiences seamlessly support VR devices.

Continued Support for PC VR:

While embracing the standalone VR mode on Meta Quest, Roblox remains committed to supporting PC VR headsets. For the time being, experiences published to "Desktop" will continue to be available on PC VR. However, in the future, experiences published to "VR" will be exclusively accessible on PC VR. Roblox will provide advance notice before implementing this change.


The partnership between Roblox and Meta Quest is set to redefine the VR landscape. The forthcoming Open Beta on App Lab, simplified VR development process, cross-platform compatibility, and access to a vast content library are just a few reasons to be excited. As Roblox continues to shape the future of VR experiences, we invite developers and users to join in this thrilling journey. Stay tuned for more information on accessing the Roblox Open Beta for Meta Quest and explore the boundless possibilities that await in the world of Roblox VR.

July 12, 2023 21:31
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